Materia Medica

The study and history of ingredients used in the nourishing process.

A compilation of our ingredients and their benefits.

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Main benefits: immune support, antibacterial, antiviral, prebiotic, digestive support, robust mineral profile, skin, burn + wound healing properties

Mother Nature’s healing, liquid gold—manuka is harvested from the manuka blossom, native only to New Zealand. This honey is rich in enzymes, minerals and antibacterial properties. Manuka has been proven to have efficacy even against antibiotic-resistant microbes and is beautiful for daily immune support for the whole family. Bring delight and nourishment to your day with a morning spoonful of honey.

Contraindications: Honey not to be used with infants under 12 months of age. Essential oil is perfect for any age and great for sensitive skin.

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Main benefits: mental focus, balanced mood, immune modulating, grounding, calms an overactive mind and anxious thoughts

Reishi is a woodsy mushroom with adaptogenic qualities that helps the mind and body respond to stress. A holistic plant nutrient that addresses both the physical and mental state, reishi will help you navigate life demands with more ease, energy and balance. Truly a modern woman’s best friend. 

Contraindications: Can potentially regulate or lower blood pressure. Use caution if you have extremely low blood pressure.

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Main benefits: calming, improves mental focus + clarity, calms overstimulation, sleep

One of my favorite nutrients, L-theanine is an amino acid that soothes nerves and improves brain function. It is amazing for an overstimulated mind, can help focus the brain to the task and hand and promote deep, restorative sleep. L-theanine is found in matcha and trace amounts in dark chocolate and mushrooms. A beautifully supportive nutrient for any season, but especially if you are in a season of higher stress, big projects or postpartum. Pair with Magic Magnesium for the ultimate calming support.

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Main benefits: energy, adrenal restoration, sleep, stress, hormone balance, thyroid 

This adaptogen has the unique ability to calm when needed or stimulate when needed, giving you what you need in the moment. Ashwagandha directly balances our central nervous system and stress response which is key to navigating anxiety, overwhelm, thyroid, blood sugar, sleep and hormones. 

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Micronized Chlorella

Main benefits: detoxification, liver support, balances emotional response

Micronized chlorella binds to heavy metals and chemicals, supports detox pathways in the liver and safely removes heavy metals and chemicals. NDF® stands for Natural Detox Factors, a key ingredient in BIORAY’s blends and safe for all ages, including children. The micronization process makes the herbal blends very small allowing them to bond and completely enclose heavy metals and environmental toxins and remove them from the body.

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Main benefits: energy, anxiety relief, calming, muscle relaxation, hormone balance

The body’s anti-stress mineral and one that most of us are deficient in, magnesium calms the central nervous system which can improve sleep, energy, and stamina, reduces anxious thoughts and helps your body handle stress better. Magnesium plays an important role in creating strong neurological pathways and communications between the brain and the body, helping decrease overwhelm and anxious thoughts.

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Main benefits: immune modulation

This warming herb also has adaptogenic properties which helps your unique body respond to and navigate stress as it comes. Astragalus is also antibacterial and antiviral, making it a great daily immune booster. Astragalus supports circulation which helps toxins and pathogens move out of the body rather than remaining stagnant.

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Vitamin C

Main benefits: adrenal + energy support, immune boost, supports iron + collagen absorption, antioxidant

Our body uses up Vitamin C more rapidly during seasons of stress and sickness so it’s important to replenish daily. Rich in antioxidants which defend the body at the cellular level, vitamin C helps defend against pathogens and bacteria. Vitamin C is also used within the stress hormone cascade—the more stress, the more cortisol, the more Vitamin C our body needs. Our adrenals are the gatekeepers—holding the keys to many other systems: mental health, reproduction, immunity, sleep, focus and cognitive function, blood sugar, thyroid, metabolism, digestion, blood pressure and more.

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Fo-ti (he shou wu)

Main benefits: hair growth, hormone balance, healthy aging

An herb used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, traditionally known as He Sho Wu, boosts blood flow to the hair follicle to promote hair growth, it can also help balance the endocrine system and promote proper estrogen levels.

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Main benefits: immune support, congestion relief, antioxidant, stress support

With 300+ beneficial compounds (including Vitamin C, zinc, iron and B vitamins), propolis is the bodyguard of the beehive. Bees use it to line the walls of their hives to keep the germs out and can help you filter out toxins and pathogens. Bee propolis contains natural flavonoids and polyphenols that fight free radicals, combat oxidative stress and encourage the body’s stress response to more efficiently handle demands.

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Picture of two small childs smiling eating Manuka Honey with some strawberries


Manuka for Munchkins

Meet your child’s daily multivitamin straight from Mother Nature. One of the simplest ways to keep your child healthy and happy, our raw Mānuka honey is a superfood treat, packed with a nutritional punch.

A bottle of Mushroom Magic by Wooden Spoon Herbs


Mushroom Magic

A holistic tool that addresses both the physical and mental state, this blend of medicinal mushrooms is a modern woman’s best friend to support balance, focus, calm and health.

tablespoon of the cerimonial matcha


Ceremonial Matcha

Due to the presence of L-theanine, an amino acid, matcha is a slow burning source of caffeine—released in the body at a steady pace allowing for longer peak effects and mental clarity rather than the jittery spike and dependency of caffeinated coffee.