The Apothecary Story

Take a step back in time and walk into an apothecary shop with herbs drying on the walls, tinctures curated just for you and a shopkeeper with a linen apron round the waist.

Here at the apothecary we pride ourselves in education. We don’t just want you to receive a pretty package, although you will—we want your products to come alive as you experience the benefits both daily and long term!

Our holistic workshops + guides, Instagram and blog posts offer practical guidance to meet you in your unique season. If you have additional questions about putting together a protocol, please contact us 

Meet Caroline

Chances are if you come to our house for dinner, you’ll leave with a full + happy tummy and a bag of herbs or tinctures to help with any symptoms that perked my attention. I’ve even been known to pop up at your front door with a basket of vitamins and remedies. That’s just the type of friend I am. 

Nothing lights me up more than empowering women to care for their wellness + families.

I often joke that my pantry is really an apothecary shop, filled with more herbs and tinctures than flours or pasta. Rather than riding out sickness or remaining in the status quo of sleep deprivation and fatigue, let’s change that today! You deserve the best and we are here to support you!

Thank you for trusting me with your wellness journey!