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Bites & Stings Healing Gel

Bites & Stings Healing Gel

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Quick, soothing homeopathic relief

A soothing, homeopathic non-toxic gel for insect bites & stings works that like a charm! This is a first aid kit must have, especially during the summer. This homeopathic formula is safe for all ages, sensitive skin and even pets—it won’t sting or burn upon application like many bug bite formulas, even on broken skin.


It contains three herbal tinctures (Calendula, Plantago and Urtica), one cell salt (Nat mur 3X), and three low potency remedies (Ledum 6X, Staphysagria 6X and Caladium 12X)—each remedy all have a complementary relationship with one another to mitigate the various effects of many different kinds of insect including ants, spiders, mosquitoes, wasps, bees, ticks etc.

Aloe vera, carrageen moss, rosemary extract and witch hazel provide long term, soothing healing effects and geranium essential oil is refreshing to smell and has anti-septic qualities.

Size: 1 oz


Calendula officinalis 1X, Caladium seguinum 12X, Ledum palustre 6X, Natrum muraticum 3X, Plantago major 1X, Staphysagria 6X, Urtica urens 1X, Aloe Vera (certified organic), Carrageen, Citric Acid, Ethanol Alcohol (certified Kosher), Geranium Essential Oil, Glycerin (certified Kosher), Potassium Sorbate, Purified Water, Rosemary Extract, Witch Hazel Extract

Non toxic ingredients. No artificial colors or fragrances.


Apply a very small amount to desired area. Repeat as needed.


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