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Wellness Collective: Natural Health Remedies for Children

Wellness Collective: Natural Health Remedies for Children

A holistic approach to boost your child’s immune system and treat common illness.

Go from hopeless to empowered with our live class, community support, and a comprehensive protocol of holistic tools and remedies to help support your child’s symptoms.

What you'll get:

  • 60 minute recorded class with access to unlimited replays
  • community support: facebook group to ask questions as situations arise and to connect with other like minded parents + caregivers
  • workbook to take notes during class
  • extensive supplement protocols (vitamins, homeopathic remedies, TCM herbs and more) for immune support and common childhood illnesses

As a mama to two littles, I’ve been in your shoes. Even as a holistic nutritionist, my children get sick too! The sleepless nights and feelings of hopelessness because you can’t really communicate with your child. But I don’t really fear or worry, because I trust in their bodies’ natural abilities to fight sickness AND I have a plan.

At even the most minor symptoms of sickness, I pull out the arsenal. Yes, our pantry might as well be an apothecary shop. 

While sickness is a reality of being human, and something we can’t or shouldn't seek to prevent, there are so many tools we can use to support our little ones' symptoms and make their bodies stronger in the process.

Parenthood is demanding enough. The Wellness Collective is designed to cut through the noise and opinions of the internet and give you clarity in the moment.

Put an end to the web browsing and DIY approach and get a plan.

About Caroline Potter, FNTP

Caroline Potter is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and mama to 3 darling littles. Combining both her clinical and personal experiences, she seeks to empower women with relatable, personal and clear resources to help pursue wellness in your home and life.

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