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HTMA Test + Personalized Protocol

HTMA Test + Personalized Protocol

One of the most comprehensive and cost-effective tests you can do. Rather than blindly throwing supplements or minerals at your body, discover what you specifically need in your current season of life.

Hair mineral tissue analysis gives a big picture perspective of what's happening physically and mentally vs blood testing measures a snapshot in the moment.

This analyzes metabolic patterns, stress response, deficiencies, mood, heavy metal toxicity and how your body is absorbing nutrients and utilizing hormones. 

What you get
  • A HTMA test kit mailed and to be completed in the comforts of your home
  • Interpretation and explanation of data reviewed via video and delivered via email
  • In-depth nutritional questionnaire + symptoms assessment
  • Personalized food, supplement and lifestyle protocol

What's not included
  • A one-on-one consultation with Caroline.
  • For more in-depth nutrition consulting or to add on a one-on-one nutrition consultation or follow-up, please email

Our Process
  • After booking, you will receive an electronic nutritional questionnaire, and we will mail out your test kit.
  • Once you receive your test kit, cut a small hair sample and send to the lab with our pre-addressed envelope.
  • Once we receive your results (the lab usually takes about a week to process them), we will work on your protocol, which will be delivered within 5 business days.

*HTMA testing and protocols are first come first serve. Each month we will open up a very limited number of spots. Caroline Potter is an FNTP and HTMA-P.

Learn More: What Your Hair Can Reveal About Your Health >
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