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Pumpkin Spice Tea

Pumpkin Spice Tea

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Warming, sweet spices

An elevated Pumpkin Spice blend that incorporates real cut pumpkin with a wealth of seasonal botanicals to create a festive chai-like infusion. The perfect cup to warm and comfort your day or night.


Sweet cinnamon, a hint of ginger and creamy sarsaparilla root create an elevated cup of herbal tea.


Ingredients: Organic pumpkin, organic cinnamon, organic turmeric, organic sarsaparilla root, organic licorice, organic ginger, organic cocoa shells, organic roasted chicory root, organic lemon peel, organic ashwagandha root, essential oil of cassia.

Organic, gluten free, vegan, refined sugar free


Steep tea sachet in a cup of boiling water for 8-10 minutes, top with a splash of cream and maple syrup. Also great iced. Enjoy with a square or two of chocolate for the afternoon or after dinner perfect treat.


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