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Dark + Salty Chocolate

Dark + Salty Chocolate

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Crunchy, creamy + salty

The perfect blend of creamy bold chocolate with hints of flaky salt.

Pair with Ceremonial Matcha for a delightful afternoon treat >


This lovely bar starts with a base of our signature dark chocolate with coconut mylk – smooth and bold with a tiny hint of sweet. A delightful crunch with just the right amount of regeneratively grown Ecuadorian cacao nibs (100% cacao by definition), and seal the deal with a subtle kiss of Peruvian pink salt from Salt of the Earth—this unique bar combines the ultra-smooth meltdown of our mylk chocolate with the intensity & flavor of extra dark chocolate for a chocolate experience in a category all its own.

The cacao is harvested and fermented in the country of origin, providing the farmers with the highest benefits and cutting down on emissions and shipping. Packaged in biodegradable, sustainable packaging.

Size: 40 g /1.4 oz


Cacao†*, Coconut Sugar†*, Caramelized Coconut†*, Cacao Butter†*, Heirloom Arriba Nacional Cacao Nibs†*, Peruvian Pink Salt

*Organic Ingredient, †Fair Trade Certified

Organic, gluten free, vegan, refined sugar free


Enjoy a square or two with a cup of matcha as an afternoon treat.


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