Just because you are told something is “common” does not mean it has to be you or your child’s “normal”.

Let's do something about it.


Empowering Motherhood Conversations
Empowering Motherhood Conversations
Empowering Motherhood Conversations
Empowering Motherhood Conversations
Empowering Motherhood Conversations
Empowering Motherhood Conversations

Empowering Motherhood Conversations

Where confidence meets community.

You get instant access to…

  • 16 audio and video conversations
  • Specific topics designed to enhance and clarify your motherhood journey
  • Personalized access to this group of women and practitioners without the expensive price tag of a one-on-one consultation

Go from overwhelmed to refreshed and empowered.



Get answers to your questions

How can we advocate and encourage health without provoking anxiety?
How can we focus on the process of healing rather than obsess over the solution?
How can we lift the burdens and navigate the stressors with a bit more ease?

A refreshing approach to holistic wellness awaits!

Advocating for your children daily

Conversation with Alaena Haber, OTR

What does it mean to be a mama bear in the real world? Not talking about this topic because it's click worthy, but how to weave this powerful principle into all aspects of your daily motherhood journey. Learn how to first advocate for yourself so that you can see the big picture, lift the overwhelm and fight for your children.

Addressing the root cause from a holistic + medical perspective

Conversation with Liz Wolfe, NTP

Liz speaks with truth on how to find beauty in the gray middle area, rather than harsh black and white perspectives that so often are “healthy living.” Reality is we can’t solve everything, struggles are a part of being human. How can we realistically release the control and focus on the process rather than the solution?

A real look into postpartum + maternal mental health

Conversation with Melissa Fairhurst, LPC, PMH-C

Giving birth is not just about the baby—but the birth and metamorphosis of a mom. A powerful, relatable conversation on what mental health actually looks like and some ways you can shift the anxiety and overwhelm. You are bouncing forward mama, not bouncing back.

Encouraging proper growth and development

Conversation with Lauren Williams, OTR/L

We truly can control more than we think we can, without being stressed or anxious about our children’s development. Learn how everyday items and activities can bring play and growth to our children.

A Lifeline for the Holistic Mother

Empowering Motherhood Conversations is a resource for overwhelmed mothers seeking knowledge, support, and empowerment in their current season of life. This unique product offers a collection of insightful audio + video conversations between mothers, practitioners and doctors providing a wealth of practical information and heartfelt advice. 

designed to transform

It's designed for mothers who yearn to transform from feeling lost and unsure about various parenting issues to becoming empowered and confident advocates for their child's well-being. We understand that motherhood often feels like navigating uncharted territory, but with Empowering Motherhood Conversations, you'll have a trusted companion to guide you.

your motherhood manual

Think of it as your personal motherhood manual, a collective of voices holding your hand as you navigate the beautiful, challenging journey of raising your children. Join us in exploring the daily questions and concerns that arise in motherhood, because we believe that every mom deserves to be refreshed, informed, and ready to nurture a healthy, thriving family. 

Ease of Information

Skip the hassle of logging in, downloading course materials and stress of completing workshop material. Listen on the go, while making dinner or on a walk in nature.

Empowering Movement

Shift the direction from "I'm stuck and don't know what to do or where to begin" to "I'm confident and will navigate this situation".

A Holistic Approach

Let’s start with the question, why? This requires us to play detective rather than suppressing symptoms and respects the whole person—mind, body and spirit.

Imagine you were in a coffee shop, sipping lattes with a group of your best girlfriends. These are the deep conversations you want and need to have as you live out the daily adventure and calling of motherhood.

We invite you to come, listen and leave empowered.

A refreshing approach

- Lauren

"Caroline and this collective of women do a beautiful job of finding the middle ground. This approach isn't so harsh, cold, clinical or black and white. It's realistic and refreshing!"

Wish I had this years ago

- Margaret

"The one resource I wish I had at the beginning of my motherhood journey. THANK YOU"

Right there with me in the moment

- Sophie

“Advocating for your children is exhausting, physically and emotionally, but it’s a battle that’s worth it. I feel more confident in what questions to ask, where to take a step back and watch things play out and how to support myself along the way, so I don’t collapse.”

Alaena Haber


Alaena is a registered Occupational Therapist and homeschooling mom of three. After healing her own infertility and autoimmune disease, Alaena now educates on pursuing a nourished motherhood and a lower toxin lifestyle in an approachable way. She is the author of the anti-inflammatory cookbook The Healing Kitchen and creator of The Lymphatic Love Guide.

Darby Jackson

Holistic Health Coach, Safe & Sound Protocol Practitioner

After years of suffering from gut, weight and sleep issues, without any answers from traditional doctors, I decided to take my health into my own hands. Now, after 10 years in the world of wellness, I focus more deeply on the nervous system as the foundation for our health, regulation and balance. Even when we are eating the right foods, taking the right supplements, and exercising regularly, it's still easy to feel dysregulated, anxious and stressed by our lives.

Amanda Scott

Mama to 6 (soon 7)

Amanda helps families make nontoxic swaps easier and shares realistic holistic wellness for the whole home. She is a mom of six (soon to be seven) that shifted into a healthier and less nontoxic lifestyle 12 years ago and has committed to doing the same with her family. She shares her journey so others can see first hand the major areas to focus without getting overwhelmed. This has also reduced her autoimmune issues, boosted her mental health and created a new outlook on enjoying motherhood instead of just surviving it.

Dr Ari Calhoun

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Ari is a perinatal and pediatric naturopathic doctor, the owner of Wholesome Brain Medicine, a founding medical advisor for Needed, and a passionate speaker and educator. She helps parents holistically optimize their child's brain and emotional development from the womb onwards. She works alongside families to identify, prevent, and heal the underlying causes of Autism, ADHD, behavioral disorders, PANS/PANDAS, mental health conditions and other neuropsychological disorders.

Liz Wolfe


Liz is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Certified Personal Trainer and best-selling author who encourages women to embrace nutrition, fitness and beauty concepts that serve both their bodies and their sanity. She is the author of the Wall Street Journal Bestseller Eat the Yolks, host of the award-winning Balanced Bites Podcast, co-founder of the Athletic Mom fitness program, and founder of the new website the40ish.com.

Renata Nehme


Renata is a Registered Dental Hygienist, Certified Orofacial Myologist and the founder of Myo Moves & Airway Circle. Growing up as a mouth breather, Renata personally experienced the challenges that those with myofunctional disorders often face. That is why she is so passionate about spreading the knowledge she has acquired regarding airway-related health issues over the years.

Sami Carrick

Child Development and Reading Specialist, M.Ed

Sami is a certified reading specialist, mom of three littles, and military wife with a passion for helping parents support their child’s development and foster a love of learning. She shares simple play-based learning activities, books, research, and tips to nurture the whole child during the most foundational years, preventing future struggles and empowering families to actually enjoy the little years.

Niki Bisbee

Homeopath (RSHom), FNTP

Niki helps people heal on a physical, mental and emotional level. I work with babies, children and adults of all ages and stages of life including pregnancy. I have a passion to empower others to take control of their health and that of their families. I offer virtual and in person consultations. My special interests are women and children’s health, hormone balance, gut dysfunction, anxiety and depression.

Melissa Fairhurst


Melissa is a mom to three myself (ages 6, 4, and 1 year), and a licensed professional counselor with a passion for helping moms. I myself know just how joyful and trying motherhood can be. It feels like just yesterday I was home with my firstborn, overwhelmed and overanalyzing, stressing myself sick over whose advice I should take and whose I shouldn’t. She offeres in person and virtual group therapy to moms in Conneticuit.

Dr Megan Byars

DC, Webster certified

Dr. Megan is the owner of Magnolia Chiropractic Co. in Philadelphia, MS. She believes that the body is an ever changing, intelligent organism that is designed to heal, and her job as a Chiropractor is to remove interference from the nervous system. She hopes to bring a fresh take on healthy living by walking practice members through not only nervous system health, but overall healthy living. Megan is also a mom to her 3 boys 3 and under!

Alexandria Smith

Homeschool mama to 4 (soon 5)

Alex is a writer and photographer preserving the precious seasons of motherhood for herself and others. She also hosts retreats and workshops for mothers and photographers who long to serve their clients well, while living their own motherhood with peace, purpose, and intention. You can usually find them all in the garden, milking their cow, or with the sheep and chickens on their farm at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

TeriLyn Adams

Fashion Influencer

TeriLyn launched her first blog, an online journal of sorts, in 2004. She then started A Foodie Stays Fit in 2009 and grew that website into one of the top resources for new and aspiring runners. In May 2023, she rebranded to terilynadams.com, with a heavier focus on fashion and beauty. Before running her own company full-time, she managed social media and video strategy for Wells Fargo and was a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs

Lauren Williams


Lauren has practiced in the field of occupational therapy for 8 years. As a fellow mom and holistic health advocate, she offers a unique lens to the field. Her goal is to help moms ask deeper questions, watch and wonder, gain confidence and become more connected with their child(ren) along the developmental trajectory. She is the mom of 2, wife to a pediatric chiropractor and lover of books and a good decaf latte.

Amanda Koch

NTP, Pilates Master Trainer (NCPT)

After crawling through the trenches of infertility, multiple miscarriage, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, she created My Well Balanced Life to help women find their way back to optimal health. She has a heart for working with infertility warriors, moms of big kids, and women navigating that weird phase of life called perimenopause. When she’s not wearing the many hats of her wellness biz, you’ll find her loving her Texas roots, laughing with her retired fighter pilot husband & watching sports with her two boys.

Molly Leighton

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Molly is a mom to 2, certified pediatric sleep consultant and advocate of new moms. I'm passionate about sleep training and motherhood support. I help families take the guesswork out of sleep and provide customized, detailed sleep support to help everyone get the sleep they need. If you’re struggling right now, know that you aren’t alone, and it is okay to ask for help. It is not selfish to prioritize your sleep needs in order to be a better version of yourself.

Lauren McAlister


Lauren is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, fitness studio owner, body image coach, and toddler mama. For nearly a decade, Lauren struggled with disordered eating, body image issues, and hormonal imbalance. Since making peace with her body (it really is possible!), she’s turned her “mess” into her message. Today, Lauren partners with women to build healthier relationships with food, fitness, and their bodies.

You don't need another to-do list, you need to be empowered!


Get the resources and community you need to flourish, not just survive.


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