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Coated Silver

Coated Silver

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Protective shield for your immune system

A powerful antimicrobial that decreases viruses, fungus, yeast, and mold. It’s a beautiful defense against common pathogens, encouraging the body to navigate these sicknesses with a bit more ease, helping us to align with the goal of assisting the body in its immune health rather than attempting to prevent illness altogether. Coated Silver causes the cells and DNA of viruses, free radicals and harmful invaders to break apart, decreasing the impact of the invasion of our body.


Coated Silver may help:
- Neutralize viruses, fungus, yeast, and mold
- Support healthy bacteria for a robust gut microbiome
- Defend against common pathogens
- Boost immune system function

Because our silver is coated, it is non-reactive and side-effect-free compared to colloidal silver. It also has the highest PPM (parts per million) of any silver available, containing 20,000 ppm in one single drop—you need only a drop to make a big impact.

Size:5 ml


Silver Nanoparticles, Purified Water, Polysaccharides


Add 1 drop to a glass of water for daily support. To boost your immune system or during active sickness increase to 3-5 drops in a glass of water once a day.

Suggested use: Pregnant or nursing mothers: our coated silver is non-reactive and much safer than uncoated colloidal and ionic silver. Please consult with a licensed physician for proper protocols.

- Sinus rinse: Add 1 drop to a glass of warm water and flush the sinus using a Neti Pot or your preferred nasal irrigation device.
- Cough or lung infections: Add 2-5 drops to distilled water in an air humidifier and diffuse while sleeping.
- Sore throat: Add 1 drop to 8 oz of warm water with 1 tbsp of Celtic sea salt and gargle.


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